Build your next DC in Finland

Finland has One of the Most Reliable Electric Grids in the World!

Source: Fingrid 2016

Renewables in energy production: 45%

CO2-free energy production: 79%

Source: Energiateollisuus (Energy Industry) 2015


Source: Statistics Finland ( 2016

Energy cost in Finland is about 50% LESS than in Germany?

Source: Gartner September 2014

Waste Heat = Product for Sale


  • Finland has a district heating system in almost every town. This creates an excellent possibility to re-use waste heat from Data Centers
  • Yandex – Russian search engine, has built a Data Center in Mäntsälä, Southern Finland. Yandex sells its waste heat  to the local energy company for use in the district heating network.
  • This is an excellent showcase of the ”win win” trade for the waste heat use.


Waste heat used as district heating in the town of Mäntsälä, Finland


  • State of the art domestic fiber network is well connected to global networks 
  • Hub of global data flows linking Europe, Russia and Asia
  • C-Lion1, The new high capacity, super fast submarine cable route from Finland to Central Europe, is now operational.
  • C-Lion1 has a record breaking capacity of 18 Tbit/s per fiber pair, total capacity of 144 Tbit/s.


Source: Cinia Group Oy

Favorable legislation:

Finland has a strong legal protection over any surveillance of information


Finland qualified no.1 in Fragile State Index

Source: The Fund for Peace, The Fragile State index 2015
Finland is no.1 also in 2016